Lord Mayor’s Procession & Great Norwich Duck Race 2017


Saturday 8th July, my family I participated in the procession as part of the Lord Mayor’s Celebrations.

It’d been a very loooong day for all of us. First, we attended a birthday party which was fab… bouncy castle, arts and crafts, party food including cake, pass the parcel and a FACE PAINTER. My fave!

I admire all kinds of artistic flare as I really feel this is something I lack. The lady who painted my face was tip top. Her name is Rose Weaver and you can find her at Crazy Skins.

Bubs as ‘Bat Tin Man’ – he actually had Batman face paint on but I have kept his identity hidden.

The float theme was ‘musicals’ and I was delighted when Rose painted a ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme on my face – complete with Dorothy, Toto and yellow brick road! The rainbow was added later (also by Rose).

We left the party around 2pm and headed home to start getting ready for the procession.

We were under instruction to be at the meeting place for 4.15pm. On with our costumes; my husband as Scarecrow which consisted of dungarees, a chequered shirt, floppy hat and some straw. Our son was Bat Tin Man (he had batman painted on his face but his costume was Tin Man) which was made from a cardboard box covered in tin foil, a funnel and toy axe also covered in tin foil. And myself as Dorothy – dress from a charity shop, pumps from Primark (£2!) which I covered in PVA and red glitter, and white top also from Primark. We headed off into the city around 3.15pm where it was very warm but a little cloudy with a slight breeze – all very welcomed. We got to our position around 4.25pm but there was a bit of wait for the other floats to get moving. We started around 5pm from Newmarket Road, positioned behind our float and off we went into the city. It took around an hour and a half to get to Tombland where we left the procession to head back home. All in all we had a great time and were all exhausted!

The following day we headed back into the city and over to Riverside for the Great Norwich Duck Race

We bought a £2 ticket entry for a duck and walked through Riverside towards Lady Julian Bridge (outside the Queen of Iceni) where there were numerous kids activities

Bubs wall climbing

( rocket making, wall climbing, and archery – to name afew.)

We stood on the bridge over looking the river and the finish and at 3pm sharp the Lord Mayor released the hundreds of ducks into the water. The race lasted around 15mins.

Sadly, we didn’t win but we had a lovely time regardless.

2017-07-09 15.05.24
The Great Duck Race 2017






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