Triple Chocolate Birthday Drip Cake

Today I’m attending a birthday meal at Othello’s, Gt. Yarmouth, for my step dad who’s turning 60. I decided it’d be fun to make a cake… I’ve only ever made two cakes in my life! Here is the result of 3 days hard work:IMG_20170610_184612_089.jpg


I used Nigella Lawson’s ‘Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake’ recipe to make 4x 8″ cakes but only used 3 of the cakes as the last one was slightly undercooked and ended up in the bin 😣 I think it turned out OK though.

I made vegan frosting and ganache (with slight adjustments) decorated with maltesers, flakes, chocolate sprinkles, ferrero richer and Terry’s All Gold Dark chocolate selections.

Can’t wait to taste it later but honesty, I’m happy to never see another piece of chocolate again after tonight!

For some more cakey inspiration – check out my friend Ellese. You can also find her on Instagram!



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