Handmade Single Ended Synthetic Dreads

I don’t believe in ‘cultural appropriation‘- for me, it’s just another term used to promote division and intolerance and that’s really not my bag, baby. I’d be happy to post a separate blog on this matter but that’s definitely a discussion for another day.a3f064f136673def5329952a0559e221For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted dreads. I did in fact attempt to free form but ended up with a single congo dread (I didn’t separate properly or maybe even at all :/) which was not the desired dreads I was going for.

Asian dude rocking his congo!

I have very little patience and this apparently is the key ingredient to creating and nurturing beautifully natural dreadlocks. So I decided I’d make some dread extensions.

The original idea was to dread a load of human hair extensions and then have them fitted but human hair costs quite a bit soooo I have opted for a synthetic hair like fibre called Kanekalon which I think is commonly used in a lot of hair salons to add colour and length to braids or can even be used to create wigs.

I AM NOT AN EXPERT in creating dreads and after trawling the internet for hours on end I came to the conclusion that a) the true origin and history of dreadlocks is largely conflicting and b) there is no real right way to create them – though the general consensus of using wax or product is a big HELL NO as this can encourage mouldy, festering stinkiness which is just gross.

Armed with a teasing brush (similar to this), YouTube, Kanekalon in various colours, a chair, a clothes hanger and some boiling water – here is the result:

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 09.57.31


There are only 16 pictured but I currently have 22 in total in varying lengths (roughly around 40inches), colours and thickness. All have a single loop on the end ready to be installed and all have a palm rolled whispy end. I’ll upload the video of the method I used at some point so keep an eye out.



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